Convert config.codekit to koala-config.json

I was wondering if it was possible to convert config.codekit to koala-config.json – is it possible to do this? As obviously codekit doesnt work on windows but koala is meant to be cross platform so in theory that should work.

Update: I give up on koala it only seems to import .min files and when you remove and refresh it appears again, absolutely rubbish.

Now I was thinking I could export codekit file to gulp and use gulp instead as I know how that works! Exports both minified and expanded JS and CSS files and just do the source paths and output.


I’m installing gulp using example configs found here:



gulp file

Now this error appeared: “gulp glob must be string or array.”

API was changed – now you should write glob as first parameter:

This fixed it.

gulp file

There is also a GULP STARTER PACK BY CSS TRICKS thanks Chris Coyer.

gulp file

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