Use Git Extras Short Commands

Use Git Extras As coded by the main man himself TJ Hollowaychuk.


Install on Windows.
If you get this error:
Set this before make install

Recommended git aliases
You can set your Git Aliases using the git extras alias command:
Longhand versions:
git config –global alias.history “log –abbrev-commit –pretty=oneline –graph –decorate”
git config –global alias.lga “log –graph –oneline –all –decorate”
git alias history “log –abbrev-commit –pretty=oneline –graph –decorate”
git alias lga “log –graph –oneline –all –decorate”
Paul Irish Dotfiles .gitconfig
Bulk aliases.
The ones I used based off Paul Irish Dotfiles.
You can also just copy and paste directly into your ~/.gitconfig file.

Git Alias Commands

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