Laravel 5 Elixir Gulp Taking a Long Time

My Laravel Elixir Gulp Taking a Long Time is taking a long time on “Gulp Watch”. Should it really be taking like 5-10 seconds 🙁 this is slower than Grunt ffs!


This is my Gulp config, I only really have less and scripts running, its the less command which is taking so long.

I switched back to the default config and it’s now down to 300ms. So it’s definitely the config for the scripts, probably coping a js file to the public directory…


I have a feeling it’s the glob (**) wildcards so lets specify exact files. That made no difference, still running at 11s.

Any help anyone?

Sam Deering

Sam Deering is a web developer from England (currently living in Australia). In his spare time he enjoys coding, playing chess, reading and investing.

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