Laravel 5 Organize Migrations into folders

To make lifeeasier, did you can get a lot of migrations in a big app so split them into folders.

In Laravel 5 the database folder sits alongside the app folder by default. So you could run this to migrate a single folders migrations:

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One thought on “Laravel 5 Organize Migrations into folders

  1. Hi Sam,
    I am trying to use migration script form sub-folder of migration.
    My migration script is located at database/migrations/new_migrations
    I am using following code
    $database_path = database_path();
    Artisan::call(‘migrate’,[‘–path’ =>$database_path.’\migrations\new_migrations’, ‘–force’ => true]);
    Its working on local server properly but on live its not working properly.
    I have already posted its on stackoverflow

    Can you please suggest me.

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