7 Reasons NOT to Use Magento 1 for Your Online Shop

So I’ve been using Magento for a shop recently and discovered HOW BAD it actually is (its not just hyped as a bad name for no reason).

Magento 2 looks better so I’ll have to make another blog post about Magento 1 vs 2. In terms of migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 looks extremely difficult and in some cases highly improbably (impossible?).

Here are 7 reasons why not to use Magento for your online shop!

  1. Speed /caching
  2. db size
  3. upgrade issues
  4. hosting
  5. MaintenNce
  6. Permissions issues drop outs
  7. Security issues

Example errors:


Example security issues:

security issues

magento admin panel

Sam Deering

Sam Deering is a web developer from England (currently living in Australia). In his spare time he enjoys coding, playing chess, reading and investing.

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