10+ Best Shopify Image Zoom & Gallery Plugins

All customers love to zoom in on product images to see the fine details of the product before they buy it. In light of this it might increase sales to have an image gallery which you can zoom into view more products.

When your choosing a plugin make sure you check that it works on mobile devices (usually by finger pinching the image to zoom in and out). I’m pretty sure the default Shopify these doesn’t support image zooming out of the box so you will need to checkout some of the Shopify Image Zoom & Gallery Plugins below in order to get it working for your Ecommerce store.

1. Cool Image Magnifier • Zoom

Cool Image Magnifier • Zoom

This is as simple as it looks. Just install the app and you’ll have a nice zoom effect on your product pages. No coding or configuration required at all, the whole process takes just a few seconds. Cool Image Magnifier works like a real-world magnifying glass. It is just the simplest and nicest option for every store.

2. Full Page Zoom

Full Page Zoom

Shopify allows the uploading and storage of high resolution images. Take advantage of it with this high quality zoom effect. Display your product images full-screen size and don’t let your customers lose detail.

3. Product Image Zoom

Product Image Zoom

Product Image Zoom is a easy to use App. No Coding required to setup the Zoom effect. This app provide nice zoom effect on your product images which is widely used on Amazon, Ebay stores to display your products nicely.

4. Magic Zoom Plus

Magic Zoom Plus

Magic Zoom Plus™ lets users hover to zoom an image and click to enlarge an image. It’s the top-rated Shopify image zoom to display your products in stunning detail. Product images feel as awesome on iPads as they do on computer screens – Magic Zoom Plus™ adapts its behaviour to suit the users device.

5. All In One Product Zoom

All In One Product Zoom

All In One Product Zoom helps you to add Image Zoom feature to your product view and gives your customers an amazing viewing experience. You can easily integrate it to your products with One Click Install and No Coding Required.

6. Image Zoom by Widgetic

Image Zoom by Widgetic

This app makes it easy to add a custom navigation on top of your images. It enables users to zoom in for more details.

Allowing users to see more details about a product is important. It can reduce the number of refunds through better, informed decisions. Detailed images help to determine the materials, build quality and colors of a product. And this leads to a better experience for your customers. The navigation’s style and position can be customized to fit your needs. You can position them horizontally or vertically and place them anywhere on the image.

7. Socialphotos


Showcase social proof and encouraging your customers to get famous on the site. Put your customers’ photos to good use. Approve customer photos before they are published online, tag photos to appear with products in your store, and create product-related galleries.

8. Photo Resize by Pixc

Photo Resize by Pixc

If you want your store to look more professional, the first thing we suggest is making sure that your product photos are not only high quality but uniform is size and ratio. This app will automatically make all your photos the same ratio (square) and replace all your product photos on your website with the resized ones.

9. Covet.pics – Lookbook & Instagram Galleries

Covet.pics - Lookbook & Instagram Galleries

All interaction on your Shopify store should drive towards a single goal: conversion. This fine art of funneling visits towards the Checkout page never stops evolving, just as our app continues to grow to help you get there. Power-up the Product and Lifestyle photography you’ve invested in. Automate your Instagram feed or upload your Lookbook and see your numbers grow. Covet.pics galleries sell.

10. Bulk Image Edit by Hextom

Bulk Image Edit by Hextom

Bulk Image Edit set meaningful Alt Text and optimize sizes to product and theme assets images; Increase your website rank in Google search, and generate more traffic and sales.

11. Image + Video Lookbook Gallery by Enormapps

Image + Video lookbook gallery by Enormapps

Image Gallery is an elegant tool to build a photo album for each page. This Gallery is full of effects which helps to grab the attention of visitors. By this App, you can create Unlimited video and Image galleries for your shopify store.

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