10+ Best Shopify Instagram Plugins

A Shopify Instagram plugin is an add-on to your store which can allow you to automatically connect Instagram to your Shopify product pages. It can allow you to show your Instagram photos on your product pages in a photo gallery.

Having Social Proof of people buying your products on Instagram can be super important to gaining credibility for your store with new customers who have not bought from you yet. Showing a customer holding the product in a photo they uploaded could just get you the sale.

To get started have a look at some of the Best Shopify Instagram Plugins below and let me know what you think.

1. Fomo – Boost Sales with Social Proof

Fomo - Boost Sales with Social Proof

Fomo displays recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviors on your storefront. It creates online equivalent of a busy restaurant, showing prospective customers that other people are buying your products.

Want to show off more than just Shopify orders? No problem. Fomo Pro integrates with Zapier, Mailchimp, Instagram, and 100s of your other favorite apps to display newsletter subscribers, photos, and more.

2. Socialphotos


Socialphotos helps you win customer confidence in your products.Showcase social proof and encouraging your customers to get famous on the site. Store owner creates a widget and place into Shopify website. In the store’s website, customers learn about tagging and use Instagram to tag product photo. Store owner monitors submission’s activity and approves submitted photos.

3. InstaGalleries – Showcase Instagram

InstaGalleries - Showcase Instagram

InstaGalleries is an app that allows you to easily integrate your Instagram photos in your Shopify Store. By using InstaGalleries you can add live photos, videos to your store easily.

The layout is fully mobile responsive, as now a days people likes to see everything via mobile.

4. Instagram – Insta Feed

Instagram - Insta Feed

In today’s world Instagram is one in all the largest advertising and marketing tools, by including your Instagram pictures to your shop you can have a great interaction with your clients with an ease.

The installation of app is very easy. Any non technical person can install the app and add the Instagram gallery to the store.

5. Instagram shop by Snapppt

Instagram shop by Snapppt

Snapppt Instagram shop’s core product, shoppable Instagram feeds, embeddable Instagram shops, sales conversion tracking and image performance analytics, is available free of charge.

6. Instagram Feed – Showcase Your Insta Feed

Instagram Feed - Showcase Your Insta Feed

This app is to Showcase your Instagram photos on your Shopify store in just a few clicks. Instagram feed from this app will add an awesome design element on your webstore. It has multiple premade templates which you can select and you can also customize it. You can use your Instagram feed as a social Lookbook & add it anywhere in your store. Several customization options in app allows you to customize the look n feel of feed as per your site branding. Add the feed anywhere on site with grid and slideshow format.

7. Showcase – Shop Instagram

Showcase - Shop Instagram

Drive engaged customers to your store by placing a link on your Instagram bio to your Showcase gallery. Your gallery provides a soft intro to your brand, a familiar interface to shop and discover new products, and provides a direct path to purchase.

8. Instagram Feed – Gallery with Product Tagging

Instagram Feed - Gallery with Product Tagging

All in One Instagram App with Product Tagging, Custom Image/Video Gallery and Analytics.

9. Shoppable Instagram by Foursixty

Shoppable Instagram by Foursixty

Foursixty lets you create shoppable Instagram galleries that you can embed anywhere in your Shopify store.

Shopping functionality allows you to tag products featured in your Instagram posts so your customers can shop right away. Never again will your customers have to search your store for a product they saw in your Instagram feed – Foursixty will get them to those products right away.

10. InstaShow – Instagram Feed App

InstaShow - Instagram Feed App

Team Elfsight proudly presents the all-new app for Shopify Store which allows displaying fantastic galleries of Instagram images – InstaShow. User friendly, filled with a large pack of customizable parameters and suitable for any needs InstaShow will become an irreplaceable plugin allowing you to share any photo from any public Instagram account or by any hashtag on your Shopify website. Choose appropriate sources, manage sizes and set different colors – you are welcome to customize the Shopify Instagram App as you wish.

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