10+ Best Shopify Inventory Management

Every shop owner knows the importance of inventory management which is basically keeping a record of the number of products you have left in stock. Nothing complicated in this except it can be very time consuming if your doing this manually. Fortunately, Shopify has built into it auto inventory management so that you don’t need to worry about marking an item as sold out when your hit zero stock for a particular product.

If your doing dropshipping then you will need to hook up your Shopify store with an Shopify Inventory Management add-on which will manage it all for you when a supplier runs out of stock this can be reflected in your store and marked as unavailable for purchase.

Here is the 10 Best Shopify Inventory Management integrations that will make your shop management life easy peasy.

1. Katana for Shopify App

Shopified App
Katana is designed for the needs of scaling manufacturers who seek to easily manage raw material inventory, schedule operations, create bill of materials, and monitor floor-level production. It has a visual and simple interface which allows for easy navigation. You can integrate one or several Shopify stores, as well as accounting software like QuickBooks or other business essentials to keep track of your entire business operations from one centralized point of truth.

2. Shopified App

Shopified App

Shopified App helps automate your drop shipping business. The App is a paid application for drop shipping business owners. Shopified App makes adding and fulfilling orders in Shopify a breeze.

3. Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Out Of Stock does the work for you. Once you install a simple script on your site, a pre-order button shows up for the item. Customers click the button and go through the normal buying process, allowing you to make sales even on out-of-stock items. You also have the option to enable a notify button, which lets customers know the moment the item is in stock via email and/or SMS.

4. Inventory Source

Inventory Source

Directly integrate with your supplier’s inventory feed and product content data to auto upload and update your products online… no files, servers, or scripts necessary. Send orders automatically into your supplier’s order management system without the need for an email or manual entry. Auto-route shipment tracking back to your customers without any copying, pasting, or updating.

5. BigBuy Dropshipping Inventory Sync

BigBuy Dropshipping Inventory Sync

This app reduces the amount of time you spend maintaining inventory by automatically synchronizing your inventory with the European Dropshipper BigBuys inventory of over 20.000 different products.

BigBuy makes shipments by urgent courier to almost any country in the world, although their most competitive prices are for deliveries to Europe thanks to free movement without borders and the possibility to make overland shipments (avoiding high air transportation costs).

6. Wholesale2b


Once you have setup your list of preferred products, this Shopify listing tool will automatically load the products to your Shopify website and it will also apply daily updates automatically to keep your website up to date.

7. TradeGecko Inventory Management

TradeGecko Inventory Management

Shopify works with TradeGecko to empower merchants selling through e-commerce stores to automatically sync sales with stock levels, invoices and order fulfillment. Easily control your stock in multiple locations, manage sales and purchase orders in a click, and even automate backordering.

8. Stock & Buy

Stock & Buy

Keep your online business running smoothly by tracking your inventory and orders across all channels from one location. Stock & Buy will automatically adjust your stock levels as orders come in. Also ensure available stock quantities and shipping statuses are kept in sync with each channel.

9. Stitch Labs Inventory Management

Stitch Labs Inventory Management

Automatically sync and manage your inventory and orders in real-time. Increase sales by easily expanding into new channels, creating product bundles, and gaining deeper insights into your products. Quickly connect all your offline and online sales channels and accounting systems, including Amazon, eBay, Square, Lightspeed, and QuickBooks.

10. DataQlick Inventory & Data Management

DataQlick Inventory & Data Management

Eliminate redundant work, manual processes, and costly mistakes. DataQlick is a Complete yet Simple Inventory Control System. Its automation of purchase order management is fully integrated with popular accounting software QuickBooks and Xero. Simplicity is the primary goal.

11. Orderhive Inventory Management

Orderhive Inventory Management

Orderhive automatically imports products, orders and customers from your Shopify store within seconds. Selling not just on Shopify? Don’t worry, Orderhive’s centralized interface will allow you to manage orders and inventory across all your other integrated channels without having to juggle between different systems.

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