10+ Shopify Facebook Pixel Apps

The Facebook pixel is a piece of JavaScript code from Facebook that you add to your Shopify store. You can use this pixel to retarget, optimize, and track your customers actions so that you can get data on your customers interactions with your shop.

This is really important that you connect your Facebook Pixel and your Shopify store using an integration or by adding the code manually to your store’s pages in order to gather as much data as you can about your customers which will allow you to find more similar customers.

Here are some Shopify Facebook Pixel Apps that will make the process super easy and available to use for free at the moment.

1. RetargetApp


RetargetApp helps you re-engage your site visitors who left without making a purchase — they see personalized Facebook ads of the previously viewed products. The icing on the cake is that  it is fully automated.

2. Pixel Perfect – Facebook Pixels Made Easy

Pixel Perfect - Facebook Pixels Made Easy

Perfect Pixels make for effective Campaigns, better targetting and greater return on investment.
Quickly and Simply populate your Facebook Catalog to create effective Dynamic Product Adverts easily with the Pixel Perfect Product Feed. Easily improve your ROI by passing additional Checkout information to Facebook including products sold and order values.

3. Pixel Conversion Pro – Facebook Pixel Tracking

Pixel Conversion Pro - Facebook Pixel Tracking

This app tracks all the events necessary to train your Facebook Pixel to become Super Intelligent for Optimize Conversion type ads. This app has the correct code that makes sure your purchase events only get recorded once. So if your customer refreshes or revisits their Thank You Page, it will only track the event one time. This will prevent your purchase conversion numbers from being skewed in your Facebook Ads Manager Reports.

4. Facebook Chat by Beeketing

Facebook Chat by Beeketing

With Quick Facebook Chat, you are chatting with their personal Facebook profiles, not just anonymous online accounts, so you can personalize your conversation for each of them. It’s never easier to get closer, build trust and establish the relationship with your customers like between real people, and what’s next, more sales are coming your way.

5. Social Login by Oxi Apps Developed by Oxi Apps

Social Login by Oxi Apps Developed by Oxi Apps

With Social Login, customers can login with their existing social identities. By avoiding existing registration and login procedure which is slow procedure it’s an opportunity for increased customer conversion. According to various researches, 34% customers abandon their cart which can be catered using social platforms.

6. Pixel Bay – Supercharge Your Facebook Pixel

Pixel Bay - Supercharge Your Facebook Pixel

Pixel Bay is fully integrated with your Facebook Ads and its 100% approved on every feature. What this means is that your audiences are AUTOMATICALLY and dynamically being updated. Let’s say someone comes to your site and you sell a variety of products…

Well, what if they buy a product in a certain niche? You want to be able to build a custom audience of people in JUST that niche, no problem! Now, Pixel Bay will do that for you “on the fly.”

7. Facebook Live Chat

Facebook Live Chat

Zotabox is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Zotabox includes 25+ Free and Premium on-site marketing tools to boost your sales and get more subscribers/followers. Support your customers via Facebook Live Chat directly on your website.

8. Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace

Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace

Take your visitors through a brand experience after they leave your store. Instead of showing your visitors the same repetitive ad, keep them engaged with a sequence of ad experiences with Journeys.

9. Facebook


With Facebook Shop you can sell products directly on your Facebook Page, and customers can checkout quickly without leaving Facebook. Facebook Shop works on mobile devices and creates a Shop tab on your Facebook Page.

10. Trackify


Trackify is the app that supports and enhances the Leverage Features of Facebook Pixels for your Shopify store. It lets even Marketing Beginners build leveraged pixel data that until now only sophisticated marketing experts could harness.

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