How To Connect Mailgun to Shopify

How to connect mailgun to shopify

How to connect mailgun to shopify to create a free custom domain name for your shop.

“Mailgun is a set of powerful APIs that allow you to send, receive, track and store email effortlessly.”

If you use zapier it will cost you, maybe not initially but eventually so use mailgun free setup.


Go to mailgun enter your domain.

Go to cloudflare DNS.

Copy the DNS from mailgun into cloudflare.

Click verify in mailgun.

Go to mailgun and create a new catch all route (which will send all mail to your free gmail address)

You should see this.

test your route


Now you can add any email you want to your shop and you will get it for free! As its a catch all and your free gmail account … well thats free! 😀

testing the email

and voila!

You can hook up your free gmail to reply and send to the emails too, which is also quite easy to do, i’ll cover that in another post soon.

That’s it now all emails send to [email protected]  will get forwarded free to your gmail account.

And now Shopify custom emails setup successfully.

Go sell!

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