Top 10 Shopify Order Tracking Plugins

Nothing frustrates you more than not receiving your order or having absolutely no idea where you order is? In order to combat this you need to choose a Shopify Order Tracking Plugin to help you automate this process. Choosing one which suits you is based upon what you are actually doing, if it’s dropshipping then you might choose one which also imports your products from a third party marketplace.

Here are 10 of the best Shopify Order Tracking Plugins for you to choose from.

1. Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip

A tracking URL is automatically generated for each tracking number. You can enable custom domain to show order status at your site. Your customer can easily view the latest delivery status, expected delivery date, courier’s name and contact details.

2. Tracktor


Every major retailer has order tracking built into their stores and now you can too! Increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously decreasing your support costs with Tracktor. Services include setup, development, design, illustration, custom apps, photography, copywriting and data entry.

3. Shipping Tracker by DevCloud

Shipping Tracker by DevCloud

Send Email and SMS to your customers letting them know where their packages are at any given time! Never miss a package again. With shipping tracker keeping all your tracking numbers in one place has never been so easy. You’ll be able to add your brand and customize the tracking page that your customers see.

4. ShippingEasy


ShippingEasy is the ultimate Shopify shipping app for businesses of all sizes. Fulfill orders and print shipping labels for everywhere you sell in one place with steep discounts on USPS postage rates.

5. Trackr – Shipping Tracking Page

Trackr - Shipping Tracking Page

We collect data from hundreds of different delivering systems to provide your customers with the most recent and detailed information about their order. Seamless integration with your existing website. The extension is smoothly embedded into any of your Shopify stores. Customers can find their order information themselves and get an email notification when the shipping status changes.

6. EasyFulfillment – Tracking Links Manager

EasyFulfillment - Tracking Links Manager

In this app you may add your own carrier, set up tracking link format and then bulk fulfill your orders adding tracking codes. This app will automatically generate tracking links for you. Fulfill all your orders in bulk easily importing your tracking codes for orders in CSV. Has option to choose, whether you need to notify customer about fulfillment or not. For each order separately, or in bulk.

7. Shipway Tracking & Notifications

Shipway Tracking & Notifications

With the help of Shipway you can keep your customers informed about their shipment deliveries across the world. Your order tracking details from last 5 days which are fulfilled will be automatically fetched from your shopify store. Whenever your shipment status changes your customers will start receiving notifications via SMS* and eMails.

8. Australian Shipping Unlimited by Smart Send

Australian Shipping Unlimited by Smart Send

The app leverages the great shipping rates that Smart Send has access to – look at what you are sending, from where and to where, and get the best rates from up to seven different Australian and international carriers.

9. Parcel Intelligence

Parcel Intelligence

Parcel Intelligence integrates Shopify with Australia Post’s eParcel solution. Offer a simple, easy to use tool to export your orders to eParcel and then update your Shopify store orders with tracking numbers with just a few clicks.

10. UpTracker


This app will perform an FTP connection and download link to your vendor, supplier, dropshipper or warehouse to grab the latest fulfillment status, like Tracking Code and Tracking Company and update your store. By integrate store with vendors, suppliers or warehouses. Each updated tracking number will trigger Shopify default email notification to customers. This will increase customers satisfaction without missing and slow update of tracking numbers.

11. My Easy Tracking Tool

My Easy Tracking Tool

You’ll generate labels, simplify order picking, track your deliveries and, best of all, prevent data entry errors. Your customers enjoy deliveries with complete peace of mind. This app let you save valuable time during order shipping management by automating your shipments. Reduce returns, thanks to the address entry tool. Next satisfied customers can track their purchase.

Wrapping it up

Let me know what you think of these apps and if you have any which I may have missed please leave a comment, thanks for reading!

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