Top 20+ Best Shopify SEO Plugins Must Have

There are so many really good plugins here which can save you so much time setting up the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fundamentals for your store and also enhancing the Google rankings of your products.

With Shopify SEO there are some core things you simply must do in order to get the most clicks/visits (customers) to your online store. These add-ons can be installed with just one click, some are free to use and some are paid (offering more advanced features such as live rank checking).

The core things you will need for sure are a sitemap with all your products listed and uploaded into Google Webmaster Tools. A plugin to set all your product title tags, description tags and other useful shopping meta data which Google uses to index your shop web pages into the search results. A plugin to compress your product images so that they are smaller in size and this will also help to speed up the loading time of your web pages.

Here are 20 Shopify SEO Plugins You Must Have to help promoting and marketing your online shop.

1. JSON-LD for SEO


This app automatically gives your store the SEO benefits of JSON-LD without you having to lift a finger (well, aside from clicking “Install”). As soon as you’ve installed the app, search engines and other services will be able to extract structured data from your store. Additionally, as search engines and other services support more and more of the features of JSON-LD, this app will automatically keep the markup on your store up to date.

2. SEO Rank Watcher

SEO Rank Watcher

SEO Rank watcher lets you track keywords and pages to improve your SEO rankings. The app automatically monitors search engine rankings for your pages and keywords on a daily basis, then relays that information back through a straightforward dashboard. When you add a keyword for rank tracking SEO Rank watcher looks up and allocates an access point closest to the Google data-center, according to the keyword’s location setting.

3. SEO Manager

SEO Manager

This app makes it easy for you to understand and implement SEO measures that will return positive results. With a step by step tour that guides you through the app’s features, we also offer comprehensive help documents to further your understanding of SEO. That way, not only do you have an amazing application at your fingertips, you have resources available written by the leading Shopify SEO experts. Simple to use, this app allows shop owners to take control of how search engines see their site and give them real-time feedback about the success (or failure) of their search engine optimization efforts.

4. Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO gives you a single verdict: does your store have issues with search engine performance that will be worthwhile to fix? Once you install, the app checks your store determines the verdict and displays details. All of the essential areas of search engine optimization are checked including page titles, headings, meta descriptions, speed, blog post structure, content freshness and much more.

5. ALT Text

ALT Text

If you’d like to search engine optimize your images for Google, there’s a white hat way to do it without getting penalized. It’s called alternative text or ALT Text, a helpful attribute that you can add to your images. All you have to do is add a single keyword or a short keyword phrase to your images to make them more accessible on the Web.

6. McAfee SECURE


The McAfee SECURE trustmark lets visitors see that your site is safe—alleviating security concerns and increasing engagement and conversions. Even better, the trustmark and verification page display in 20 different languages (based on the browser language of your visitor). Add the app to your site and display the trustmark for up to 500 visitors per month, at no charge.

7. Image Optimizer – Image Compression and Optimization

Image Optimizer - Image Compression and Optimization

Oversized images take longer to load, so it is important that you keep your images as small as possible. Image Optimizer takes care of each graphic element on your site, processing it to make the page work faster and appear higher in the Google search. Typical compression ranges from 50%-60%.

8. – Image Compression and Optimization - Image Compression and Optimization

When you install the app, it will go through all images and optimize them until it reaches 5 MB of images. When you add new product images or new asset images, will automatically optimize it. will also store your original images for 30 days if you wish you can restore the originals at any time. If you are not happy with the compression you can simply do a Batch Restore. It will restore all compressed images to the original. We keep backup for 30 days. Optimize your images not just for site speed, but for better SEO results. There is no quality loss with lossless compression, all images will be same as the original.

9. SEO Audit Pro – Shopify SEO Analysis

SEO Audit Pro - Shopify SEO Analysis

The app calculates for you the speed at which your pages load so that you would gauge how quickly your visitors can access your online shop. It measures the size of the page and informs you if you have an acceptable number of file requests or not. It tells you whether your site’s URL is SEO friendly or not by looking for your selected keyword in it. It looks for the keyword in the title tag and checks if the title tag has the recommended 70 characters or less. It also looks for the keyword in the description tags, the images tags, and the heading tags and recommends that you add more if there a few or none so that your site’s content is visible on search engines.

10. Smart SEO

Smart SEO

With Smart SEO you can generate relevant meta tags for the product, collection, blog and article pages in your Shopify store. You can also generate relevant alt tags for all your product images, without having to edit each image manually. On top of this Smart SEO will automatically provide all the JSON-LD data that your store needs and which Google loves. With the Smart SEO app you no longer need to spend your valuable SEO optimization resources on tasks that can be automated.

11. SEO Doctor

SEO Doctor

Get a Diagnosis Report of the SEO health of your shop. You’ll be surprised by the issues preventing your shop from ranking higher on search engines. In the Report, we provide a list of the issues as well as recommendations for how to fix them. Just follow through our recommendations and fix the issues right in the app. SEO Doctor is packaged with the ability to put your SEO on Auto Pilot. SEO Doctor SMART algorithms will gradually identify and fix all your SEO related issues for you with just a single click.

12. Sitemapper – Pro Shopify Sitemap

Sitemapper - Pro Shopify Sitemap

Sitemapper generates a sitemap page that shows the complete structure on your site and links all applicable parts on your online store. XML sitemap helps to solve crawling and indexing problems i.e. Search engines may not be indexing your pages correctly whereas the HTML sitemaps are important for human visitors of your website as it enables them to trace your site quickly. HTML sitemap also represents a very effective way to circulate your link juice among the pages on your site.

13. Sitemap Page Generator

Sitemap Page Generator

The Sitemap Generator produces a HTML page of your sitemap. As you add new products or content, the app automatically updates the sitemap with the latest links. We keep it updated by refreshing the page every 24 hours. Generating a Shopify site map helps with site navigation. By providing a link in the footer to your sitemap page, you instantly make it easier for customers to find the page they are looking for. It provides another option for customers to navigate around the site.

14. Simple SEO

Simple SEO

Hidden in the code of every page on your website are meta tags, which Google uses to determine what to display as titles and descriptions in search engine results. Simple SEO gives you complete control over these tags, which helps your site show up in search results for keywords that you decide to target.

15. Related Blog Posts

Related Blog Posts

Quickly and easily suggest related blog posts of yours to readers on your Shopify blog. Once someone finishes reading a blog post, suggest additional articles of yours published inside your store for people to read. Readers engage more with your content when you recommend similar blog posts of yours at the end. SEO experts love the app. Related Blog Posts boost your SEO by creating quality internal links and improving Google’s crawlability of old blog posts.



The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Plugin by Hit Reach gives you the best chance possible of being visible to and visited by users with buyer intent. Makes it easy for you to understand and implement SEO measures that will return positive results. Hit Reach are a full service digital marketing agency who are Moz Recommended and have helped clients.

17. Ultra SEO

Ultra SEO

Meta tags are hidden HTML tags on every page of your shop. Google uses these tags to display titles and descriptions. Without Ultra SEO your meta tags are simply default titles and descriptions. Without Ultra SEO you would only be able to edit your default title and description from within your Shopify admin panel. Ultra SEO gives you full control over each and every meta tag in your shop, including keywords and author tags.

18. Meta Tagger

Meta Tagger

The Meta Tagger App makes it very easy for you to manage SEO titles, keywords and descriptions. Most Shopify themes handle SEO by pulling content from your existing resource descriptions. This is not precise, and certainly not optimal. This App fixes that problem so your SEO gets you better result.

19. Site Booster

Site Booster

Site Booster saves you the guesswork and publishes your business information in all the places that matter online. With just a few steps, Site Booster will help customers find you more easily and more often which translates to more business for you. If your business has a physical location – showing up on Google Maps, Foursquare, Yelp, etc becomes vital for your success.

20. 404 Error Tracker

404 Error Tracker

404 Error Tracker makes creating 404 redirects for your shop easy. You can either create a redirect manually or upload a csv file for bulk redirect creation.

21. Linkcious SEO Power Up

Linkcious SEO Power Up

Linkcious SEO Power Up uses AI to select and show your product links on other websites you control automatically. Everything is done automatically. Your shop’s SEO and search engine ranking will increase.

22. TurboSEO – One-click JSON-LD

TurboSEO - One-click JSON-LD

JSON-LD helps Google to understand your website by setting norms for what the data in a site’s JSON means. It enables Google to understand key information about a website and compare it like-for-like with that of other sites – meaning better presentation in searches for you: product reviews, prices, stock levels and page breadcrumbs. Turbo-SEO will instantly add this mark-up to product attributes in your theme’s code, helping Google to see this data and present it on its search listings, which makes users more likely to click through to your site.

Wrapping it up

Whether your just beginning with Shopify to start your own online shop or have been doing it for years, picking up organic traffic from Google is super important and can be the difference between making a profit or losing money.

Let me know what you think of these apps and if you have any which I may have missed please leave a comment!

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