Prestashop Specific Price Rule Not Working

Price in EUR is correct

Price rule for GBP is in place

But in front-end on product page its showing a converted rate from EUR to GBP!

“After upgrading to specific prices have disappeared from FO and BO.”

ALTER IGNORE TABLE ps_specific_price ADD UNIQUE KEY id_product_2 (id_cart, id_product,id_shop,id_shop_group,id_currency,id_country,id_group,id_customer,id_product_attribute,from_quantity,id_specific_price_rule,from,to);

1-click upgrade

if you set it to all countries and currency only it seems to work.

ie – im changing united kingdom to any country for each specific price rule.

UPDATE implasky_pres803.ps_specific_price SET id_country = ‘0’ WHERE ps_specific_price.id_country = 17;

This seemed to work.


Sam Deering

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