Prestashop 1.6 Problem Its Redirecting to the Old Domain

Transferring prestashop results in it redirecting to the old domain

Things it could be:

lack of a “/” in shop_url table

In ps_configuration set PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL & PS_SHOP_DOMAIN to localhost

In ps_shop_url table you must set domain=localhost, domain_ssl=localhost & physical_uri=/myProject/

Disable cache and compilation

dump database and search and replace using to

Deleted cache files from /cache/*

clear your browser cache (“Thank you very much it was indeed firefox cache for redirects. Normal cookie deletion in each respective domain didn’t work so I didn’t check it further but it seems that resetting the cache fully fixed the issue.”)

Rebuild .htaccess file from prestashop (this one is not possible as the redirect prevents it but when you can get access to the back-end then go to the SEO Urls in settings and click save to regenerate the .htaccess).


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